Location of Escape Road Mission
You will receive a message shortly after accepting this challenge which will give you the general location of our make-shift National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ). This is where your mission begins. As this mission is Top Secret and no one can be trusted (not even you), the exact location of the Mission Headquarters will not be revealed within this website. Keep a close eye open for this very important message.We will contact you.
Any difficulties, contact me at info@escaperoad.ca
Major Pain

You and each of your team members will be given a military dog tag (if you haven’t already received one from a previous mission). This dog tag is yours to keep. It will be used for identification at various businesses and checkpoints along the mission route. Some businesses may assist you, if you are wearing the tag. NDHQ will tell you which businesses are participating.

At the start of your very first mission, you will be awarded the rank of Private. Your performance, dedication and number of missions completed will increase your chances for further promotion. Maybe you can become the most senior rank like General Chaos.

Leader Identified
The team member with the highest rank will assign duties to the rest of the team members. If all members have the same rank, a leader will be picked at random.

The Mission Begins
Step 1: We have found that Escape Rooms provide great preparation, experience and training for the Mission ahead. We have incorporated some Escape Room challenges into our Basic Training. As well, NDHQ has included several tasks which involve Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robots, Magic and Problem Solving. This is a test of your skills and abilities for the mission.

Step 2: Once Basic Training is completed, you and your team will be given one of many Escape Road Mission plans. You will then head out into the streets with the plan which will give you clues on how to reach your mission objective. Along the Escape Road, you will be asked to take selfies, solve riddles, puzzles and perform various tasks in order to help you reach your mission objective (rendezvous point). As well, you may be asked to bring certain objects to the rendezvous point.

Be warned: You could be approached by Rogue Humans on the street at anytime.

How did your team perform?
Points will be awarded for successful completion of mission, scavenger items found, photos and clues solved along the Escape Road. They are used to show how well you performed relative to the maximum possible score. Your score will be posted on NDHQ website.

  • You must follow the instructions very carefully
  • You must work well as a team
  • You must pay attention to detail
  • You will not be racing to mission objective. You will lose points if you arrive too early
  • You will need to dress for the weather as we go rain or shine
  • You will need to know that this is for fun only and is not a competition
  • You must not drink alcohol during any portion of this mission.
  • You will need to sign a waiver. Please read carefully and obtain medical advice, if required, before registering and making payment.
  • The mission (game) starts as soon as you sign the waiver and ends as soon as you enter the building used for final rendezvous point/objective.

Be warned: You could be approached by Rogue Humans on the street at anytime.

What is the cost?
The cost is $35/person with a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 8 per team.