Team Building


We can adjust the Escape Road Mission to include your business jargon, products, objectives and names of staff. It is totally customizable.

What better way to promote team building for you organization? They will talk about their experiences for years.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” –Helen Keller.

Put Myers-Briggs to the test. Would you put your ENTJ together with your ISTJ?

Contact us for Corporate and Government customization and rates.


There are many benefits to sponsoring our events.
Sponsorship includes but not limited to:

Advertising on our website
Advertising on individual Military Dog Tags that each participant wears
Advertising at start and end venues
Advertising and Participation at our check points
Advertising on our T-shirts
Advertising through give-aways


Charitable Fund Raisers
This is a great opportunity to have fun but at the same 30% will go to your event.
Federal government departments could make this one of their GCWCC events and the proceeds will be registered under your department and Branch.


Sponsors may request a special Escape Road Mission as a marketing program.
It could be:

– For the public to participate
– For their clients
– For fundraising
– Silent Auction


To get more information on this or to arrange a meeting to discuss further, please send us an email to: